Here's what you get if you leave your puppy with us!

Basic Puppy Training:  8-16 Weeks

Introduce puppies to training standards. Showing puppies who are this young what behaviors bring them better rewards/attention shapes a dog’s growing mind. He or she will always revert to what they learned at this stage in life. Training at this stage instigates a natural intelligence reliance over instinctual behaviors.

Puppies also go through their first of two fear stages during this age. Properly addressing this mental stage in a professional and controlled environment can almost guarantee a confident dog later in life. Some puppies who have their fear stage fully addressed in this time can even forego the second fear stage all together.

Graduates are required to know all command words in both verbal and physical cues.


  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Recall
  • Heel/Leash Manners
  • Place


  • Greetings (no jump!)
  • Crate/Confinement Conditioning
  • Grooming Intro
  • Social Skills: dogs, humans, and other animals
  • Separation Building

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