Our Facility

Triple Lake Ranch is family owned and operated and our dogs are raised as part of the family. Our dogs have the good fortune of getting to experience all of the best life has to offer. You may find them lounging inside on the couch snuggled up with a human or running and playing on our 30+ acres. Our dogs are held, loved, played with and cared for everyday and never left alone for any long period of time.

They are socialized from the very beginning with not only human interaction but with all of the other animals on the ranch. Of course their safety is our first priority so we crate train all of our dogs. Each day they are crated during the heat of the day in Summer and the coldest part of the day in Winter for no more than 4 hours. They are also crated at meal times. These crate areas are rooms located in our home where each dog has there own crate, which includes their very own comfortable bed. At night they sleep where ever they choose. This may be in our bed, on dog beds next to our bed, or on the living room couch that was designed and built by us with dogs in mind. Our Puppies experience everything from bath time, watching mom cook in the kitchen, unique learning curriculum, swimming if (if old enough) and being exposed to all different sites, sounds and smells. We also work on basic obedience, potty and crate training. Do to the hard work, love and fully hands on approach our dogs avoid many of the problems that accompany dogs that come from large breeders and pet stores such as excessive fear or shyness, submissive urination along with many other emotional issues. We also adhere to our mission and strict code of ethics that we set for ourselves in the beginning.