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Welcome to Triple Lake Ranch Flight Nanny Services

USDA Licensed and Insured

So you have found the perfect new family member but he or she is located so far away!

Maybe you are a breeder that is looking to have a puppy transported quickly to their new family.

At Triple Lake Ranch we have the solution to your air transportation needs within the United States. We are experienced dog handlers that will make this transition seamless and safe. 

Our home base airports include DFW International, Dallas Love, and Shreveport Regional.  

"What makes us different from others"

  • I will only work with a limited number of breeders in the North and Northeast Texas area. This will make me available to you when you need a transport.
  • I will communicate with the breeder directly. You may ask why? The breeder is the only person who knows everything about your puppy and the puppy’s new family. Once a price has been agreed upon and contract signed, I will send an invoice & link to you or your customer for payment.


"What To Expect From Us"

  • I will work with your breeder on the best travel dates
  • I book the flight for you – confirmed travel only (no standby)
  • Payment will be due within 24 hours of booking
  • We accept PayPal
  • Puppy Pack and Breeder paperwork will be delivered with puppy
  • Airport to Airport transportation or we can transport in some instances to the airport for you. 
  • We only fly domestic flights currently
  • We provide a sterilized air approved carrier, water, and potty pads
  • Group text when nanny has arrived at the airport and a group text when puppy is picked up and headed to their new home. Any other communications concerning the flight will be communicated by group text.


Flight Nanny Fee Flight + Nanny


$400.00 - $500.00


In Cabin Pet Nanny Flight Time

Includes Nanny Fee + Flight

* Pricing shown is an estimate 

If you are purchasing a puppy from Triple Lake Ranch Aussies you will receive a discounted rate.

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Pet Business Insurance                                     Certificate No. 74-H-0144