A guardian home is a great opportunity for the right person or family to enjoy a top-quality breeding dog/puppy with a great temperament, introduction to training and healthy lineage. These dogs are usually a Breeder's first choice or pick of the litter. By placing them in loving forever home, this allows them to build a one-on-one relationship with their owners and have the individualized attention that a pet home offers making them a happier dog.

While the program is quite detailed, it is pretty simple and can be a very beneficial situation for both parties. Simply put, the dog or puppy stays with you as your family member for the rest of their entire life and we retain breeding rights for a certain number of litters. Once the pet has produced that defined number of litters, or Breeder determines that they are no longer needed for the breeding program, the terms of the Agreement will be considered met and the pet will be fixed and remain with you for the remainder of his/her life.


We believe all of our dogs are family members and live with us in our home. Being committed to producing the highest quality dogs within our ability we believe all dogs need the attention and companionship of living in a loving home. This includes raising our breeding dogs and their puppies in a home, not in a kennel situation. In order to maintain this standard and at the same time expand our breeding program, future breeding dogs will be placed in qualified guardian homes. 


During the breeding program we are essentially co-owners of the dog. Therefore, we require of Guardian Homes the following:

- You live within 1.5 hours or so drive from White Oak, Texas

- You are willing to allow us to meet with you at your home prior to and occasionally during the breeding program

- You are willing to meet partway when exchanging the dog

- You feed your dog only the food recommended by us

- You provide socialization and basic obedience at home and attend two obedience classes

- You understand the issues and responsibilities of caring for a breeding dog

- You are willing to return the dog to us during breeding and whelpping at our home (you may visit)

- You are willings to make dog available for competition to achieve titles

- You agree to regular health check-ups, veterinary care, and vaccinations

- You communicate freely with us about the health and condition of the dog. Important that you take tons of good pictures and you must share tons of photos and videos with us

Please read the contract to determine if this situation is a good fit for your home and contact me with any questions you might have. 

Guardian Home Contract